Shaker Canvas

Hi all!!!

Sometimes life just becomes so monotonous and dragging. I won't feel like doing anything at all. Nothing. No inspiration or motivation to push myself. When fatigue overpowers you, you are at your weakest. There's a spot in my house where I sit doing nothing and blankly stare at the world outside that rushes past me.
I saw my mum busy in the kitchen with her toys. Yes!!! I would say the Kitchen is her playground. Cooking is her passion. Being the eldest of the 8 siblings, a lot was on her shoulder. Got married at 20  and became the eldest daughter-in-law in the family. Since then, she's been cooking and cooking. It was her territory. She pours out her love into anything that she prepares. Probably that's her secret ingredient. Anything... absolutely anything... that she prepares tastes like the elixir of life. Every flavour will be quintessentially balanced. I know to every child, its mother is the best. I have so many feelings flooding up now that words are a…

Responsibility of Coffee

Oh Butterfly..Butterfly..

Grow Stronger

Nature's Best Award